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Beauty is Greater

I realize my lack of blog posts doesn’t inspire much confidence in this project, but it is still happening in spite of life.  I’m going through a rough time right now, which I was reluctant to publicly share.  While I won’t delve into details, it’s there and it’s real.  It’s hard to keep moving as though nothing is wrong, when something is very wrong.  But with God’s help, I will get through this and the project must continue.

My lack of communication and wrestling through life stuff hasn’t kept me from collecting plenty of bags and hygiene supplies.  I continue to be blessed and overwhelmed by my church, the community, and others who support this Share Beauty Project.  You are truly wonderful people!

I can honestly share that through these trying times, Share Beauty Project has kept me going.  It helps me get out of bed to snatch up good deals.  It gives me purpose and hope.  It says to me, “God is still using you.  You need only see what only He can do.”  Perhaps it’s not just about sharing beauty with others, perhaps this is also about God allowing me to see the beauty with which He has graced me.  (It feels vain to even write such a thing.)  Maybe there’s a greater beauty to be seen.  Let’s all keep our eyes open to it.  Let’s open our hearts to expect it.

And here’s an update on what’s been going on with the SBP:

Right now, my focus is on supplying bags to residents of a home for adults with specials needs where one of my pastors leads a weekly Bible study.  I know there are at least 17 women who could use something special this holiday season (and I’ll see what we can do for the men, too.) I am also working on supply boxes for needy families that come to my church for help during the holiday season.

However, I am always open to hearing from anyone who has need, whether you are going through a rough time or know someone who is, if there’s a community collection, or if you can help donate to this project.  I don’t want this to be just an Amy thing, or a church thing.  As I said earlier, it’s a human thing and we’re all part of it.

Group think = fresh start!

I posed a question to my Facebook friends: how do I continue to craft and pay for supplies if I give everything away?  The suggestions were great–for every two items you sell, give one away or sell one, give one away!  Friends shared stories about knitting groups leaving scarves with “free” tags on them for homeless people, crocheting hats for cancer patients, and so much more!

My selfish heart tugged at this for few minutes.  If I made money, I could use it to buy myself more…stuff.  As I look around my apartment, I hard need more stuff.  I’m stuffed out.  The opportunity to bless others with beauty won out (and there could be a fundraiser idea in here).

This is a way to spread love–to literally spread God’s love with my hands and my feet.  This is a way to cloth with ruffles, to bless with loveliness, to even be Christ to those suffering.

Perhaps it’s a frivolous pursuit.  Maybe I’ll abandon it in two weeks…or two days.

But maybe, just maybe, we’re on to something here.